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Many parents also choose to do group antenatal classes alongside their hypnobirthing course. I teach Hello Baby antenatal classes with Hannah, an experienced midwife.

We are based in Bushey, Hertfordshire.


As a BirthMind hypnobirthing client you will receive a 10% discount on Hello baby antenatal courses and workshops.


The classes are fun, relaxed and interactive, and will leave you feeling excited, confident and ready for the arrival of your baby.


As well as preparing you for labour and birth, the comprehensive sessions will give you lots of practical tips to help you transition into life with a newborn. Informative and evidence-based, you will learn everything you need to help you navigate the first few weeks, as well as meeting a group of other local parents-to-be who can share the journey with you.

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First Timers Course

Topics covered over the six week (12.5 hours) course include: stages of labour, pain relief options and comfort measures, newborn baby care, infant feeding (bottle, breastfeeding, expressing), postnatal mind and body, the birth partner's role, and a focus on what to expect during the first few months, known as the 'fourth trimester'.

£275 per couple for a group course

£595 for a one-to-one course


Refresher Workshop

Topics covered during the six hour workshop include: labour and birth recap, infant feeding (bottle, breastfeeding, expressing) and newborn sleep recap, postnatal wellbeing, preparing siblings and managing emotions and behaviour, and a focus on what to expect during the first few months as a new family.

£175 per couple for a group workshop

£325 for a one-to-one workshop

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About Hannah, The Bushey Midwife

Hannah is a registered midwife,

who has been working in one of the

busiest maternity units in the country

since 2012. Her experience covers all

aspects of midwifery, including

antenatal, labour and postnatal care,

and she has specialised in looking

after women with complex medical

and social circumstances.


Hannah is a mother of two, and is passionate about supporting local parents-to-be through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.


Along with teaching Hello Baby antenatal classes, Hannah also provides private midwifery care and breastfeeding support. An avid list maker, Hannah can often be found snuggling up with her two cats and a big bar of chocolate.

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