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Private Course

£325 (£375 weekend)


This is a bespoke course conducted in the

comfort of your home. The duration of

the course is one day, with lunch break.


The private package includes:

  • A full day of one-to-one hypnobirthing tuition designed with your specific needs and wishes in mind

  • In-course hypnosis sessions

  • Two hypnobirthing tracks to listen to during pregnancy and birth (recorded by Chloe, whose voice will be familiar)

  • Course materials

  • A Birth Partner Information Pack

  • A set of BirthMind positive birth affirmation cards

  • Late-pregnancy one hour recap and relaxation session

  • Ongoing support by email and phone up to the birth

  • 10% off related services, including Hello Baby antenatal classes and private midwifery care with The Bushey Midwife

Private hypnobirthing courses are all ab

What is covered?

  • Birth physiology - how the uterus works 

  • Birth psychology - the central role of birth hormones

  • Understanding our fears about birth

  • Using hypnosis to change beliefs and create a more positive view of birth

  • Relaxation - why it's SO important

  • Birth environment - how to create yours, wherever you give birth

  • The 'golden hour' after your baby is born, bonding with your baby, the emotions you may experience

  • Birth preferences/plans 

  • Birth partner's role

  • Getting labour started, medical induction

  • Informed choice and consent

  • Managing the unexpected

  • Labour and birth positions

  • Optimal foetal positioning (OFP)

  • Breathing techniques

  • Re-framing the idea of 'pain'

  • Comfort measures including massage techniques for the different stages of labour

  • Hypnobirthing alongside other forms of pain relief

  • Creating a positive mindset - birth affirmations and self-hypnosis practice

  • Releasing fears and negative thoughts about birth

  • Any particular concerns you or your partner may have 

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