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Birth is a life-changing experience for birthing people and their partners, but it sometimes creates anxiety and fear.

With preparation, access to balanced and evidence-based information, and encouraging support, birth can be calm,

empowering and exhilarating!

Don't just hope for a positive birth, prepare for one!

What is hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is a method of birth preparation grounded in science. It combines breathing and relaxation techniques, birth environment, practical tools to create a positive mindset, impartial and evidence-based information, and empowering support. The core of hypnobirthing is about empowering women and their partners with the knowledge, confidence and decision-making tools to enable them to have a positive birth.

Does it really work?


There are so many benefits to hypnobirthing, and no negative side effects. Many women who have used hypnobirthing rave about it - with lots going on to become teachers themselves because they want to share it with other women. Midwives love caring for women who are using hypnobirthing as they are often so relaxed and the births are so calm. The benefits go into the postpartum period, and you'll learn relaxation skills that can be used in any aspect of daily life.


We know that birth flows best when the mother feels relaxed, safe and unobserved. Research shows many benefits, for example that women using hypnobirthing tend to have:

Shorter labours

Lower reported levels of pain

Less need for pain relieving drugs

More frequent spontaneous birth

Is it only for certain types of birth?

No! This is so important. Hypnobirthing is not about trying to have a certain type of birth, Hypnobirthing can be used to create a positive birth experience, whatever type of birth you plan to have, and wherever the journey takes you. Courses can be tailored to focus on caesarean birth, or on vaginal birth at home, hospital or at a midwife-led birth unit. Topics such as induction of labour and vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) are also covered. Hypnobirthing is suitable for anyone who wants to use it! 


Can I use drugs too?


Of course, it is entirely your choice. There are no rules in hypnobirthing! The techniques can be used alone, with other methods of non-pharmacological pain relief e.g. water, a TENS machine, massage, or alongside opioid drugs or an epidural. You may plan to use drugs, or not, and you may change your mind either way during labour – and that’s fine too.


What if I'm being induced?


Absolutely. The techniques you’ll learn on a hypnobirthing course will help you to create a positive birth experiences, wherever and however your birth unfolds. See here for a positive hypnobirthing experience using induction.


I'm having a caesarean - can I still use hypnobirthing?


Yes! Hypnobirthing is for all types of births and you will be able to use the tools you've learned in the event of a caesarean birth in order to stay calm and enjoy a positive experience. The special Hypno-Caesarean course is designed for parents preparing for a planned caesarean and include topics such as 'gentle caesarean' and caesarean birth environment.

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